CA winners

Each year the Communication Arts CA coverIllustration Annual produces one of the premier showcases of the best and brightest in contemporary illustration. The 2009 edition is no exception and it’s no surprise that the issue is loaded with work by ProFile Stock illustrators. In fact nearly 10 percent of the pieces selected for this prestigious publication were done by the six artists featured in this issue of Profiles.

The award-winning illustrators featured here are just a few of the artists who offer uncompromising quality stock images at ProFile Stock. No other venue offers you access to the work of so many leading illustrators with one easy search.

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Chris Lyons

Lyons 1

Lyons 2

Lyons 3

Brad Holland

Holland 1

Holland 2

Holland 3

Nigel Buchanan

Buchanan 1

Buchanan 2

Buchanan 3

C.F. Payne

Payne 1



Jon Krause

Krause 1

Krause 2

Krause 3

Krause 4

Edel Rodriguez

Edel 1

Edel 2

Edel 3


Among the “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide”

The latest edition of 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide from Lürzer’s Archive just arrived in my mailbox. True to form, this new volume full of amazing images and I’m especially impressed by the broad range of work represented. I also can’t help but notice how many of our ProFile Stock members are included. I counted at least 21 pieces by ProFile artists in the issue including the cover image by Edel Rodriguez. We take great pride in the fact that ProFile Stock is the only stock resource where you’ll find the archives of so many of the world’s top illustrators and it’s gratifying to see that confirmed by this well-respected publication.
In honor of those who’ve been recognized by Lürzer’s as the world’s best I thought I’d use this issue of Profiles to show you a few examples of their work.

Paola Piglia




Edel Rodriguez




James O’Brien




Jon Krause