Elwood Smith

This edition of Profiles brings a bit of cheer for your new year with a sampling of images from the ProFile Stock Library of Elwood Smith.

With his illustrations appearing regularly in publications like the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times as well as in major advertising campaigns, you’re probably already familiar with the whimsical work of Elwood Smith.

Elwood is an undisputed master of humorous illustration, deftly handling the toughest assignments with his unmistakable wit and gleeful style. His images pack a potent combination of smart and funny whether he’s illustrating the collapse of the real estate market or illuminating the finer points of poop*.

ProFile Stock provides a convenient way to search and license images from the archives of Elwood Smith and many other leading illustrators. If you have a need for something more specific, I encourage you to contact Elwood or any of the artists at ProFile Stock to create a custom solution. Thank you for supporting artist-friendly stock.

*The Truth About Poop illustrated by Elwood H. Smith and Susan E. Goodman.

Please note: All images are copyright © Elwood Smith and may not be used in any form without the consent of the artist.

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