Visualizing healthcare

When it comes to the debate over universal healthcare coverage no one can accuse Americans of being apathetic. Your readers are passionate about the subject, and powerful illustrations can illuminate the issue in a way that typical, overused stock just can’t match.
This issue of Profiles features a selection of healthcare-related images that are anything but typical and they’re available for licensing from the artists at ProFile Stock. And if you have a need for something more specific, I encourage you to work with any of the artists at ProFile Stock to create a custom solution.
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Jonathan Twingley


Brad Holland


Elizabeth Sayles


Elwood Smith


Cynthia Turner


Dugald Stermer


Nigel Buchanan


Chris Short


Edmond Alexander


Jay Montgomery


Jon Krause


James O’Brien


Randall Enos


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CA winners

Each year the Communication Arts CA coverIllustration Annual produces one of the premier showcases of the best and brightest in contemporary illustration. The 2009 edition is no exception and it’s no surprise that the issue is loaded with work by ProFile Stock illustrators. In fact nearly 10 percent of the pieces selected for this prestigious publication were done by the six artists featured in this issue of Profiles.

The award-winning illustrators featured here are just a few of the artists who offer uncompromising quality stock images at ProFile Stock. No other venue offers you access to the work of so many leading illustrators with one easy search.

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Chris Lyons

Lyons 1

Lyons 2

Lyons 3

Brad Holland

Holland 1

Holland 2

Holland 3

Nigel Buchanan

Buchanan 1

Buchanan 2

Buchanan 3

C.F. Payne

Payne 1



Jon Krause

Krause 1

Krause 2

Krause 3

Krause 4

Edel Rodriguez

Edel 1

Edel 2

Edel 3